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Sarah Drinkwater

Community Catalyst: Sarah Drinkwater

What can you create when you bring together doers, dreamers and developers in a sprawling, seven storey space? Down in Shoreditch, there’s a place called Campus London, a spot for founders to learn new spaces and meet new people.

Sarah Drinkwater is at the helm of a venue that had built a cluster of 55,000 members by its fourth birthday last year. As well as mentoring on storytelling and communities, she helped to set up the UK’s first baby-friendly startup school, known as Campus for Mums. Sarah is also on the board of Code First: Girls, which helps young women upskill for tech roles.

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Sarah Meiklejohn is a Lecturer in the Departments of Computer Science and Security and Crime Science at University College London. She has broad research interests in computer security and cryptography, and has worked on topics such as anonymity and criminal abuses in virtual currencies, privacy-enhancing technologies, and bringing transparency to shared systems. Previously, Sarah received a PhD from University of California, San Diego in May 2014, as well as an Sc.B. in Mathematics in 2008 and an Sc.M. in Computer Science in 2009, both from Brown University.

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