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Magnus Lindkvist

Comedic Trendspotter: Magnus Lindkvist

Magnus Lindkvist is an internationally known speaker, trendspotter and the author of three books – Everything We Know Is Wrong, The Attack of The Unexpected and the upcoming When The Future Begins. In his work, he challenges our entire way of thinking about and looking towards the future. As Magnus writes, “business is all about focus. But with focus comes myopia and to conquer that, I come in to shake things up.” Based in Stockholm, you’ll find Magnus is blessed with the Scandinavian ability to be analytic, challenging, creative, optimistic and humorous seemingly all at the same time.

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Margaret Maitland is an Egyptologist currently working as a curator with the British Museum Future Curators programme. She curated the British Museum touring exhibition Pharaoh: King of Egypt, now on display in Leeds and soon touring to Birmingham, Glasgow, and Bristol. Margaret is currently cataloguing and researching the ancient Egyptian collection at the Great North Museum: Hancock in Newcastle, while completing her doctorate at the University of Oxford. Margaret’s reporting on the looting of antiquities during the Egyptian Revolution on her blog, The Eloquent Peasant, received international media coverage, including interviews with the Sunday Times, National Geographic, Nature, and the CBC. She is also the author of the forthcoming book Pharaoh: King of Egypt.

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