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Lj Rich

BBC Click Synethesiologist: Lj Rich

LJ Rich is a music hacker, pianist and classical composer. She’s also a well-travelled hackathon-winning science-fiction-loving synesthete who appreciates the value of good food and good company. As part of BBC Click’s presenting team she’s visited some of the world’s most innovative spaces from Boston’s MIT and Tokyo’s CEATEC Tech trade show to startups and hackspaces across the globe. LJ’s also interviewed some of the world’s most influential people – including Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Eben Upton of Raspberry Pi and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. She also has her own slot on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Some of her recent adventures include using data analysis to determine the ultimate dance anthem in a collaboration with London’s Science Museum, turning London’s Regent Street into a sound installation using beacon technology, wearing a brain-cap that translates thoughts into music and fixing her own iPad. So far this year, she’s co-written a musical and built her own collaborative ‘humming engine’ machine to give people who can’t play an instrument an idea of how it feels.

LJ very much enjoys performing, whether at the piano or on the mic, regularly taking to the stage for live events. Last year she was invited to speak at TEDxTokyo where she talked openly about her synaesthesia and its role in her own creative process. She also showed self-built devices that aim to share her intense experience of the world with others.

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