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Amanda Regan

Rocket Scientist: Amanda Regan

How far can you go with the right perspective?

There were many hurdles that could have stopped Amanda Regan from fulfilling her childhood dream of working in the space industry. But she worked her way methodically up to the European Space Agency, where she works as an engineer on its Earth Observation Future Missions programme. Amanda’s recent projects include the Swarm mission, that was launched in 2013 to measure the Earth’s magnetic field, and she works closely with other space agencies such as NASA. She’s also a careers coach who helps other ambitious people to discover how to fulfil their dreams even when everything seems against you.

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The world is fascinating and inspiring. But sometimes, we just need the right person to guide us through it. Emer Maguire uses comedy to unlock the wonders of science. In 2015, the Queen’s University Belfast student won FameLab, an international competition to find the UK’s best science communicator. Emer has invited audiences to consider some of the planet’s most pressing questions, such as “Why do we fall in love?”, “Why do we kiss?” and “Why can’t apes talk?”. She will also soon present a six-part radio series on all things sexy and all things science.

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