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Alex Reben

Robot Humaniser: Alex Reben

What can technology tell us about humanity?

Alexander Reben is an artist and roboticist whose work explores the ideas of human-machine relationships, artificial philosophy and robot ethics. While he was studying at MIT Media Lab, he developed Boxie, a tiny robot with a video camera who used the power of cuteness to encourage passers-by to tell their stories. His work and research has been shown and published internationally, and he consults with major companies who want to make their products more attractive to humans.

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How far can you go with the right perspective? There were many hurdles that could have stopped Amanda Regan from fulfilling her childhood dream of working in the space industry. But she worked her way methodically up to the European Space Agency, where she works as an engineer on its Earth Observation Future Missions programme. Amanda’s recent projects include the Swarm mission, that was launched in 2013 to measure the Earth’s magnetic field, and she works closely with other space agencies such as NASA. She’s also a careers coach who helps other ambitious people to discover how to fulfil their dreams even when everything seems against you.

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