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Adrian Hon

Kickstarter and iPhone App Superstar: Adrian Hon

Adrian Hon is co-founder and CEO at Six to Start who specialise in gamelike stories and story-like games for the web, mobile, and real world. As a games studio, their clients have included Disney, the BBC, Channel 4, and Penguin. Six to Start has won multiple awards including Best of Show at SXSW.

Recently, though, Adrian made a big gamble on shifting the company away from consultancy and towards product development. The result of the gambel has been a huge international bestselling mobile app called “Zombies, Run!”

Adrian also writes about technology for The Telegraph, is writing a Kickstarter-funded book and blog called A History of the Future in 100 Objects, co-organises the Hive Mind Challenge and is the founder of Transmedia London.

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We learned about Aimee Di Marco when she was recognised by Management Today magazine as one their high flying 35 Women under 35. Aimee is currently a specialist registrar in general surgery at Imperial College where she gets to use the cutting edge and eye-wateringly expensive Da Vinci surgical robot. Robotic surgery’s minimally invasive impact translates into faster recovery times, reduced risk and reduced patient trauma. So robots are not only cool and fun, they can make a very obvious difference to our lives!

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